Swine Flu and Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x Disinfectant
Kills Pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus (formerly called swine flu)

With Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x Concentrate disinfectant, now you can take care of the last step of cleanup—killing those germs—with a powerful botanical formula that’s gentle enough to use around kids, pets, and food.

Using the dual disinfecting power of thyme oil and citric acid, Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x kills over 99.9%* of common household germs on hard, nonporous surfaces in less than 10 minutes, and leaves behind just a mild herbal scent.+

EPA-Approved Botanical FormulaThe Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x formula is the first EPA approved disinfectant to combine thymol and citric acid as active ingredients. Together these proven botanical disinfectants kill over 99.9%* of common household germs on hard, nonporous surfaces, some in as little as 1 minute. And with Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x there are no harsh fumes. All you smell is a mild, fresh herbal scent.

Eradicates Common Household Germs

You know these names—staph and E. coli. Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x kills them, even more bacteria and viruses including cold and influenza.

New Mild Herbal Scent

Sol-U-Guard Botanical 2x still has the pleasant scent of fresh herbs, but it is significantly milder than the original Sol-U-Guard Botanical. There are no harsh fumes and no bleach, simply a fresh-smelling botanical disinfectant that is gentle enough to use around kids and pets.

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