Home is Best Cleaning and Detailing only uses Swiffer Dusters, because of how effective there are!

Swiffer Dusters with Extendable Handle extends up to three feet to reach dust in high and low places. Plus the extendable handle pivots and locks into four different positions to clean angled surfaces such as ceiling fans, wood furniture, cabinet corners, baseboards, and crown moulding.

With thousands of deep-cleaning fibres, Swiffer Dusters remove up to 90% of allergens*. It gets dirt in grooves and crevices, trapping and locking dust and allergens better than dry cloths.

Swiffer Dusters fluffy fibres trap and lock dust that feather dusters can just spread around. The fluffy fibres also flex to fit into nooks and crannies to dust virtually any surface for a clean you can feel.

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