Wood Furniture Polish

Rustic Touch furniture polish enriches your furniture with natural shine, protection, and conditioning using naturally derived conditioners and the protective strength of carnauba wax.

A Bright, Natural Shine

Enjoy the fresh scent of oranges while a high-tech polymer adds instant shine to dull surfaces and creates a strong and durable barrier around furniture—keeping wood and leather looking new while repelling unwanted moisture.

Added Strength and Scratch Protection

Rustic Touch furniture polish uses carnauba wax, the hardest of the natural waxes, to add strength and shine to furniture while providing an extra layer of protection against nicks and scratches. And unlike other waxes that can produce a cloudy buildup, carnauba wax dries crystal clear, so all you see is a beautiful, natural shine.

Moisturize and Beautify

Whether your furniture is brand new or a cherished heirloom, the key to extending its life is to keep it clean. Dirt and oil can penetrate the surface of furniture, drying it out and causing premature cracking or aging. Rustic Touch furniture polish contains a trio of natural conditioners that protect and fortify your furniture, making it look like new now and well into the future.

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