Home is Best Cleaning and Detailing uses specialized cleaning products such as Goo Gone® Extreme in our New Construction, Remodeling, Seasonal and One-Time cleaning applications that require a stronger product.

Goo Gone® Extreme is specially formulated to remove dried latex paint, tar, lipstick, shoe polish, ball point ink, magic marker, gum, adhesive residue, oil, grease, crayons, etc. with ease. It can be used on furniture, hardwood floors, cabinets, wood panels, woodwork, shoes, metal and glass surfaces, carpet, Formica®, and more.

Goo Gone is safe to use on virtually any surface!

– Plastic – Equipment – Furniture
– Metal – Tools – Tile
– Glass – Brick – Appliances
– Wood – Ceramic – Automobiles
– Hardwood Floors – Fiberglass – Boats
– Carpet – Clothing – Upholstery
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