Tub and Tile

Effective and safer for your home, Tub & Tile puts an end to the worry of caustic chemicals and harsh fumes. Plus, the natural cleaning power of lemons means you’ll scrub less for the clean sparkle you want.

The Cleaning Power of Lemons

Why bother with caustic chemicals? Tub& Tile gives you all the cleaning power you need with naturally derived citric acid—the power of lemons. It easily dissolves soap scum and hard water buildup without damaging surfaces or leaving residues behind.

Less Scrubbing Time

Chances are you can think of better things to do with your time than scrubbing your bathroom. Tub & Tile frees up that time for you. Take a few seconds to spray it on. Let it go to work, then wipe it away. That’s all there is to it!  Keep Dirt Away Without Abrasives

Did you know abrasives actually make your bathroom harder to clean the next time? Dirt gets into the tiny scratches that abrasives leave behind and won’t come out easily. Tub & Tile dissolves soap scum and hard water buildup without scratching any surfaces.

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