Dryer Vent Cleaning

Home is Best Cleaning and Detailing provides our Dryer Vent Cleaning service to help minimize the risk of fire and reduce your annual energy costs.

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The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that there are more than 24,000 dryer fires each year in the United States, causing more than 96 million dollars in property damage.  In addition, the average home spends $1900 on energy costs each year. With the accumulation of lint or blockage in the dryer vents, dryers run inefficiently and increase the amount spent for energy.

SCOPE OF WORK for “Dryer Vent” Cleaning and Detailing will include:

  • Move dryer away from wall with floor protection and care.
  • Clean inside wall exhaust vent and outside cover with specialized cleaning brushes.
  • Use high pressure air blower to clear finer materials from inside wall exhaust vent and outside cover.
  • Clean dryer exhaust vent, lint screen and filter thoroughly.
  • Clean dryer air cooling vents, back surface of dryer, as well as wall and flooring surfaces.
  • Visually inspect, repair, or replace vent hosing as needed. (extra material cost to replace if needed)
  • Reinstall dryer to original position.
  • Make certain washer hoses and dryer vent connections are in proper places.
  • Run dryer to insure optimal vent air flow and operating performance.
  • Clean-up all affected flooring and carpeting areas.
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