One-Time Cleaning

Home is Best Cleaning and Detailing provides a service we feel is “second to none”. We know that there are times when busy homeowners could use a little extra help to maintain their home with a “One-Time Cleaning & Detailing”. Allow us to use our expertise to provide the attention required for a “sparkling clean” home.

Upon completion of a “One-Time Cleaning & Detailing” there will not be a surface, in the livable area, of a home that has gone untouched! Our goal is to help make each home we care for the “BEST” it can be.

Home is Best Cleaning and Detailing uses environmentally friendly cleaning products that are “task specific”. We use an adaptable all-purpose cleaner, a wood-friendly product, disinfectant as needed, a mild abrasive cleaner when called for and a gentle yet effective solvent for really tough jobs. The same manufacturer makes all of our cleaning products, which have a uniform barely noticeable scent. Your home will smell clean without being over-powered by a heavy fragrance.

SCOPE OF WORK for “ONE-TIME” Cleaning & Detailing will include:

  • Sweep and wash all hard floor surfaces.
  • Vacuum all carpeted surfaces vacuumed (edges and under furniture)
  • Wipe all cabinets, casings, baseboards, sills, rails, spindles, mantels, doors, crown moulding, window and door casings, etc. with a wood-friendly cleaner.
  • Dust all ceiling corners.
  • Ceiling light fixtures will be cleaned to a streak-free finish (large multi-piece extra)
  • Wipe all ceiling fans.
  • Vacuum and wipe all window casings
  • Dust all pictures
  • Dust all wall-hangings
  • Dust and vacuum curtain rods
  • Wipe all lamps
  • Vacuum all lamp shades
  • Wipe furniture
  • Dust knick knacks (reasonable amount)
  • Vacuum and wipe all vents
  • Vacuum all upholstered furniture
  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Wipe countertops
  • Clean mirrors
  • All bathroom cleaning will include countertops, sinks, faucets, showers, tub modules, toilets, mirrors, towel bars and toilet paper holders
  • The kitchen cleaning will include the sink, faucets, countertops, exterior of appliances and cabinets (as mentioned in the wood section).
  • Vacuum and wipe interior and exterior of fireplaces as can be cleaned.
  • Sweep and wipe thresholds at exterior doorways.
  • Sweep front and rear entrance stoops and steps.
  • All trash relative to the cleaning process will be removed from the premises.

Any additional work beyond the scope presented above needing to be performed will be billed at $35 per man-hour.

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