Home is Best’s home cleaning service is professional but friendly. They are thorough, always on time, flexible if you need to change times, and always have time for an unsolicited “extra touch.” When they leave our home, we are more than ready for guests!
Diane T.

Home is Best Cleaning [& Detailing] has much to offer you. Home is Best Cleaning [& Detailing] has provided cleaning services for me personally by cleaning my home on a bi-weekly schedule. During that period, they had proved to be trustworthy, reliable and excellent in cleaning service and continue to do so. The communication between client and service provider is very important to me and has been very comfortable with Home is Best Cleaning [& Detailing]. Because of this I have brought them over to my workplace. I wish all would be able to reap the benefits of their skills.
Mary E
Executive Administrator

“We are very happy with the prompt and courteous service that Home is Best Cleaning and Detailing provided for our house. Ralph especially took the time to go the extra [mile] in the small details. Being that we are detail conscious people, we could find no shortcuts or excuses. Ralph and Denise offer a warm and inviting sense of thoroughness that would give any homeowner the confidence that things will get done right the first time at very fair prices.
Sincerely,Tom and Julie E

I highly recommend the “Home is Best” detailing service. They are very reliable and do a thorough job in home cleaning and detailing. I really like the professional way they present their estimates. Everything is clearly outlined so that you know exactly what will be covered. Besides routine cleaning, I have used them for fall cleanup and window cleaning as well. They cleaned some windows in our garage and under our deck that hadn’t been cleaned in many years. They got them sparkling clean, not an easy task! Their reliable service has given me peace of mind so that I could concentrate on my own small business and not have to worry about cleaning my home. You can’t go wrong with “Home is Best!”
Pam S,
West Bend

I’m grateful to have “Home is Best” service my home and office. I have found them to be dependable, reliable, thorough, thoughtful, considerate, professional, and helpful in many ways. Thus, I have peace of mind and more time and energy to do other things.
Vicki L,
Hartland, WI

I can tell you that I am extremely happy with the results of our window cleaning. [The person who cleaned our windows] went above and beyond – she did things I didn’t expect – like my den doors – those are a pain because there are so many little windows on both doors – I really appreciate her extra special touch! Amazing how clean windows, as well as woodwork around the windows can make such an amazing difference!!! Our view was always wonderful and now it is amazing!!!!! I will be making this an annual, if not semi-annual cleaning with your company!!!!
Thanks for a wonderful job – worth every penny!!!!!! Judy H.

I purchased a gift certificate for [a friend] in Slinger. Her home was cleaned a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that she was very happy! [She] actually said, “This is one of the best presents I ever received”.Thanks for the great job.

I have known Denise and Ralph Bound for many years. They are wonderful people who take pride in all they do and give 110% of themselves. I found that I could always rely on them if I needed a hand with something or just needed some advice. The Bound family has had much impact in my life, as well as my family and taught me many wonderful things that remain with me to this day. If I lived closer to Home is Best, I would surely have them take care of all my cleaning needs for my business, Allegheny Healing Hands. Thanks to people who take pride in what they do, life is much happier and healthier.
Rita S, CMT, CRP

I have known Ralph and Denise Bound, the owners of Home Is Best Cleaning & Detailing, for over 34 years. The first two thoughts that come to mind when I think of this wonderful couple are integrity and customer satisfaction. Knowing them as well as I do, I am confident that Ralph and Denise are completely dedicated to making sure they are honest and upright in every aspect of their personal and professional lives. I know that they will stand behind any work they do, and that they will work hard to make sure that every customer who uses their services is fully satisfied. I would recommend their services in an instant to anyone who wants a good long-term relationship with a reliable cleaning company.
Erika W

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